Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The French headcount

I've been having too much fun watching the DNC implode, so I've missed out on my international news. I did notice that a priest had his head chopped off while he was performing mass, and that the gents involved were ISIS forces who made him kneel at the altar and 'preached a sermon' before doing the job.

I missed the spin, though. How'd the great explainers narrative it up this time?

Did 'this has nothing to do with Islam' get some play? Maybe a bit of 'we're not even sure what religion the ISIS agents are'?

Did we hear anything about how being beheaded in an intentionally blasphemous act makes us stronger? That this exposed how weak ISIS really is? How -lucky- the priest is, because he was allowed to be a martyr for the faith?

What's the hottest lie in the store right now?


JBsptfn said...

All those lies are sickening.

The Deuce said...

Well, you've got your Pope saying that this wasn't caused by any religion because "all religions want peace."

Crude said...

As much as I like knocking this Pope, I think it's better to focus on how much of an everyone-problem this is. Or at least every-SJW. Apparently they won't take notice until a burqa-bomb goes off at a feminist conference.

Maybe not even then!