Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why foreign religious groups aren't welcome in Russia

Because of things like this.
SAMARA, Russia, July 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — An American clergyman in the Ukraine was deported for planning to officiate a gay wedding. 
Jim Mulcahy, pastor of Metropolitan Community Church, was arrested at the LGBT center Avers in Samara. The Kremlin’s Vesti News Channel reported that Mulcahy intended to marry LGBT couples and engage in gay propaganda, a violation of his tourist visa.  
Mulcahy is the Metropolitan Community Churches' Eastern Europe Coordinator.  His arrest was videotaped by state-controlled television (NTV). He denies planning to officiate a gay "marriage" but reportedly performed "unspecified ceremonies for homosexuals." 
 Ah, unspecified ceremonies.

Well, in the West we've now moved on past same-sex marriage and are now bullying everyone who doesn't celebrate same-sex marriage, including it into our course curriculum, etc. Russia has apparently decided they have no intention of following the same path, certainly not without a fight.

Which is why when I hear complaints about how horrible it is that Southern Baptists won't be able to easily go to Russia and tell them all why white privilege is real and a terrible thing, I don't get terribly concerned. As they said in Everquest, 'You ruined your own lands, you'll not ruin mine!'

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Stewart Griffin said...

Yes, and it is not as if Russia is some anti-Christian fortress that can only be saved by Western missionaries. In fact, the sitaution might just be exactly the reverse.