Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Almost positive papal news

At first I was going to post an article about Pope Francis denouncing 'gender theory' talk, saying it's poisonous to teach children that there's more than two genders, or their sex is optional, etc.

Then I read closer and noticed that this was 'leaked from the Polish bishops conference, which was private'. Even if it's true, I don't care. I do not trade in positive talk that only comes in the form of whispers, rumors and leaks.

Edit: I stand corrected. Released transcript is something else.


Anonymous said...

Seen the stuff with women deacons?

The list of consulted theologians seems pretty solid according to Fr. Z. I am in agreement with most folks that most likely the issue will be a fluffy statement about how much we value women in the Church and no actual doctrinal change.

But the fact we're talking about it at all is a huge issue.

And no, what happened with Pope John Paul II and Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is not even nearly equivalent, to nip some potential objections in the bud now. That was a brief encyclical written with a straightforward and almost annoyed tone meant to shoot down any talk of female priests before the discussion gathered any steam, and it largely succeeded.

This is somewhat more equivalent to the situation surrounding Humane Vitae. And tell you what, if the statement the Pope releases is as clear, strongly worded, and brave as that document was, then maybe this will be a good thing. But I doubt we'll see that.

Crude said...

I won't presume to lay bets on this one. This is not a pope whose moves I find predictable.