Sunday, August 14, 2016

Comic misfires of the weekend

Let's see, what happened this weekend.

In New York we had an imam and another get shot. Immediately the local muslim community started screaming "Trump! Trump did this! Trump with his Islamophobia! Trump murdered this man!" I'm imagining that's going to go away now that police have released a sketch of the perp, and he looks... well, they call him 'south american' but I'm pretty sure that's a catch-all for 'a bit dark-skinned and probably another muslim' here. Oh well.

Not to be outdone, the black community in Milwaukee heard that a black guy got shot, and not only rioted and looted (for justice!) but also made sure to get caught on tape chasing down white people to beat. Also yammering about how rich people don't give enough money to black people so that's why they're rioting. But this is what happens when a black unarmed man is shot by a white cop, by which I mean this is what happens when a black armed man with a ton of ammo is shot by a black cop. Because that's what actually happened.

Trump's apparently planning a visit to the site of the riot this Tuesday, so that'll be interesting.


Vand83 said...

You see that National Catholic Register has fired Mark Shea?

Crude said...

Interesting. Is this related to him playing that line with trying to make the pro-life movement into a wing of the Democratic Party by minimizing all the dead infants in favor of welfare and immigration?