Monday, August 8, 2016

Hoping for a Hillary Win?

Just to make my line in the sand clear.

I regard anyone who hopes for a Hillary win to be as about as Catholic or Christian as Richard Dawkins.

Some may wrinkle their noses at this, even Trump supporters. You know - 'Leave politics out of religion, we can agree to disagree.'

Well, no. We cannot. No one really abides by this rule, and perhaps no one should. But at this point, Hillary embodies something that really, no sincere Christian can celebrate. Both her and her party don't merely want to legalize abortion - they want it normalized, to the point where it's a cultural good to be celebrated. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

To look forward to her presidency highlights someone who is either ignorant beyond belief, or whose Christianity is purely in name only, having given way to another religion altogether. It's like talking about a Christian who really totally believes in Jesus you guys, but just so happens to believe that human sacrifice is kind of acceptable, I mean it's a cultural relativity thing, also isn't the Eucharist basically the same thing?

No thank you. I don't recognize your religion - it is not mine.

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