Friday, August 19, 2016

Mark Shea axed at the NCR

Thanks to Vand83 for pointing this out to me. If rumors are to be believed, Mark Shea apparently has been ousted as a paid editorialist for NCR. I haven't kept my eye on him in a while, but apparently he's recently been playing front-man for the latest left-wing con game on Catholics: the short version is, 'The pro-life movement only cares about dead infants. What nerve. We should redefine pro-life to mean things like supporting massive illegal immigration, amnesty for illegals, and every Democrat social policy in town, because Jesus demands that.' Apparently Shea, ever the hothead, got into it in a nasty way on some other blog I'm unaware of - but it was apparently bad enough that NCR decided they'd better part ways with him now.

Interesting stuff.


Mike said...

This is why I am not "pro-life," but "anti-abortion."

Anonymous said...

Wow, Shea worked for the Fishwrap?

I knew he'd turned coat a while back, but I didn't realize he was that deep in enemy camp.

Crude said...

I admit, my opinion of him has cratered.

Vand83 said...

Honestly, this is probably pretty tough on him. He pals around with what I consider to be level headed,conservative commentators. I think he just assumed he was one too, despite his ramblings. Perhaps this will lead to some much needed reflection. If anything, he should stick to writing books (which are actually pretty good). His blogging brings out the absolute worst in him.

Vand83 said...

Oh, he worked for National Catholic Register. I do believe the fishwrap is the nickname for the National "Catholic" Reporter.

Crude said...

Oops. I'll edit that. Stupid acronyms.

The Deuce said...

He worked for the Register, which is solid, and it's about damn time there were some consequences for his behavior. I'm amazed at how many larger conservative Catholic bloggers have been playing dumb and pretending not to notice what a far-left demagogue he's been for years now.

Crude said...

'Pro-life REALLY means pro-immigration, pro-welfare, pro-Democrat policies' has been the main move as of late, I notice. A bit more concerted than normal.

Anonymous said...

Ah, NOT the Fishwrap. Well, that makes it a LITTLE better. I figured if you're fired from THERE for views that are too liberal, wow, what are you, a communist?

In that case, this is a good thing. About time.

Nate Winchester said...

Here's part of the dust up.

This was the site that started it.

(Stream seems good. They publish Briggs which is a good thing.)

There was also this earlier in the year.

Crude said...

I wonder if my one time 'comic' of Mark Shea inspired that One Peter Five pic. Likely not, but still. The 'enjoying it' line doesn't work when the dude rages so much.

The one thing that always stood out to me about Shea is that he alternates between nasty, angry attacks - bigot! monster! hateful! sexist! racist! - and then, when attacked, dives into faux sanctimony, where he'll say "God bless you" as the only response to his critics to try and shame them. That's good troll behavior when you're trying to piss people off, but it's not exactly an endearing habit for someone who wants to get paid to write.

Mike said...

Shea himself is not the problem. The real problem is the fact that because he seemed to hold a few good positions, so many were willing to overlook the fact that he is a flaming leftist who objectively hates anything right wing or traditional. You see this sort of behavior all over the place with "conservatives" and they are bewildered by how their institutions get infiltrated and destroyed by center-left activists.

That sort of charity is not extended by those same people to "bad guys" on the right. It's ironic because I bet many of the same people who trusted Shea on abortion would denounce, say, Vox Day. Ironically, if made dictator for a month, it would be Vox Day, not Shea who would swiftly and decisively end the legalization of abortion. In fact, my money would be on Shea not lifting a finger to even slow it down.

Crude said...

I admit, and it's a lesson I unfortunately learned. Shea's even going soft on abortion. He's always been not just a leftist, but a leftist who equates leftist policy with Christ's commands. It's a common left-wing Christian trope and it's creepy.

Mike said...

Consider some of what the left stands for:

1. Abortion on demand.
2. Easy divorce and remarriage.
3. Cheap and easy sex.
4. Class envy and hatred.
5. Abolishing gender roles and even genders.
6. Support for gay marriage and adoption.
7. The abolition of any non-governmental authority.

You reach a point where the very notion that one can be a Christian and be a leftist is an absurdity. It's not creepy, it's just evil.

I don't know the inner state of Shea's soul, but what I do know is that in the few times I've read his words, he seems very much to be a SJW who puts on the trappings of being a Catholic.

Crude said...

I do wonder about number 3, given their RAAAAAAAPE inclinations.

I imagine the problem will be that leftist Christians - the ones who don't support everything on that list, anyway - will say 'Just because I believe in social welfare doesn't mean I support all of THAT.' The problem I have with that is, like with Shea, they end up supporting it anyway. Especially in America. A large point of the 'Seamless Garment, and by that I mean all of my politics' move is to make flagrant, extremist abortion support incidental and thus not a big deal. "Oh sure they support abortion up until the moment of childbirth but that's balanced out by their support for a raise in the minimum wage".

I don't know the inner state of Shea's soul,

I don't. Then again I do read Shea's words, and I can smell a rat.