Saturday, August 27, 2016

Regarding globalist corporations and billionaire SJWs...

My attitude is: fuck 'em. Soak 'em too, for all I care.

It's weird that I have to say this, since I've made my nationalist and even protectionist sympathies known for a long time. I also think most arguments against the super-rich, which hinge on their accumulation of wealth, to be fundamentally flawed. In an ideal world, someone who manages to get wealthy via business acumen, hard work, brilliance and more, would have near complete control over their wealth. Of course, in an ideal world, they'd also spend that wealth ideally as well. On any given day, when we're talking principle, I err on the side of at the very least 'letting the wealthy spend their money as they see fit'.

I also do not live in an ideal world. I live in a world with Soros, Gates, and many other sorts whose wealth and their use of it is typically deployed to attack, frustrate, and undermine most things that are good and holy. Not even Churches are outside of their nasty little scope, since they see such things as just one more thing to influence and shape, even if they're on record as irreligious who are openly hostile to those Church's teachings.

This sort of thing invites a dilemma for me. See, despite all things, I try to be fair. I uphold free speech - even speech I find detestable. To give an example of what I mean... hypothetically, let's say Peter Boghossian - PeteBog, a guy I think is a nasty little rat of a man, a real shit by any measure - wanted to give a speech at a public university. And let's say, like Milo Yiannapolous - who I think is fantastic - students and rabble-rousers attempted to block him, rushing the stage, shoving and attacking his supporters in an attempt to try and shut down the event.

My response in both cases is the same: use force to allow them to speak. I will be more explicit: send in police, armored and weaponized, and beat down anyone who would not disperse to the sidelines to peacefully protest. Crack skulls if necessary, and I mean that literally. Call it one of the few more secular values I maintain; speech is sacrosanct in the public. Even people who I despise, I would protect.

But I'm not a universal zealot - I get practical when the topic demands it. The right of billionaires to corrupt and undermine whatever they please, to the point where they fund third party groups that will engage in violence, all while pleading innocence despite advising and directing these groups? To try and undermine borders to try and reshape whole countries, even countries they have no loyalty to? I'm not about to go to the wall for that one. And if tomorrow I wake up to news that a crying, pleading Soros has been snatched up by a foreign government, tossed into prison and his wealth confiscated, I'll laugh a hell of a lot more than I'll cry.

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