Sunday, August 14, 2016

What's Wrong With the Victory

Welcome to the world of 'victory' in 2016 for conservative Christians in America.

Victory here means 'By bowing and scraping before the government, Christian colleges won the the right for their students to continue to receive state assistance with tuition, at the small cost of having to report each and every one of their Title IX exemptions the state. Which totally won't be used against them in any way, shape or form.'

The worst part is watching David French crow about how this just goes to show that Christians can still totally win victories if they just put up a good fight. Sure, he and Lydia suggest, maybe this isn't the -perfect- resolution, but progress is progress! This is the sort of idiot who talks about how great the Middle East is for Christians right now, because it allows them to witness to Christ, ie, get their heads cut off by screeching saracens.

So great. At the mere cost of bowing and scraping, Christians can be humiliated further by the state, but at least funding remains on for now. There's no small amount of irony here in watching a turbo-libertarian and Christian cheerleader celebrating what amounts to 'not quite as bad of an asskicking as this could have been', because it still allows for Christian colleges to receive public money.

Pardon me if my view's a bit more negative.


Hrodgar said...

Considering how sucking at the public teat seems to affect folks, this might not even be "not as bad of an asskicking as it could have been." There are reasons Abraham refused payment in Genesis 14, and TANSTAAFL applies here.

Crude said...

One way seems to be 'They celebrate an obvious loss as a victory, so long as they continue the income stream.'

I admit that a larger part of my problem here is that I think the modern university system - including large swaths of the Christian versions of it - are not just infected beyond belief with mental illness, but obviated by technological alternatives besides. Add the reality of student loan debt, and my sympathy starts to shake - and I begin to suspect that the real reason this is being spun as a victory rather than a defeat and an insult is because the latter would imply the need to fight. And if they fight, they may not get their subsidies. Lack the subsidies, and the teaching jobs are gone.

Mike said...

I bought a course for $79 on Coursera that would cost about $1000-$2500 for the equivalent credits at a "reputable" university. That's a class on Scala programming, and I bought it because the creator is the main instructor. So tell me again why people are spending $20k-$50k/semester to attend college except for the Bacchanalia aspects? It's not even like most are rigorous or good for a "Mrs degree" for your daughter these days.

Crude said...

So tell me again why people are spending $20k-$50k/semester to attend college except for the Bacchanalia aspects?

Status. Also, some employers won't hire you without a college degree, but my limited experience is more and more they don't care what or where the degree is in. They care that you have one.

I admire some professors. Victor Reppert. Ed Feser. They are golden. But I cannot justify saddling Christians with debt and sending them into enemy territory run by people who hate them. There are other ways.

Mike said...

There are only a handful of schools in the US that are reasonably worth spending $50k to attend. The Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and CMU come to mind. Maybe some of the public universities in California. Most schools, that's absolutely absurd. I nearly choked when I found out my peers from New England had parents willing to spend $26k/year for the same education that cost my parents in-state $5k-$7.5k/year in tuition and board.

It's even more insane when you're talking about law school. At that point, going to a Tier 3 school is objectively worse than going to a community college's paralegal program in terms of cost, debt and job prospects.