Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Guessing the Trump-GOP timeline

I would bet a finger that the timeline went something like this at the GOP HQ.

1: Alright, everyone. This tape is going to surface soon. Remember: we all pull our endorsements on him at once and DEMAND he step down. He'll probably be a shitshow in the next debate, all apologetic and pathetic. Then we replace him.

2: What the. Oh shit he's doing good.

2.5: Oh shit. He's doing REAL good.

3: He's not stepping down, is he. And also, now he's attacking us, SHIT.

Trump was looking like he was either going to A) Win, but be the winner who was going to humbly build bridges, or B) Lose, but lose gracefully.

But no, they had to get the insurance in, had to go for the October Surprise stab in the back to try and ruin him. Which just pissed him off, animated him further, and now he's pulling out all the stops and it's looking like a Lion in the Streets situation.

They really are the stupid party. All that's left is for hacked emails to come out showing they colluded with the democrats on releasing this tape, which is already looking obvious due to the Bush connection.


The Fez said...

One can only guess that the GOP strategy post-Trump defeat is to ride out the next four years under a ruthlessly hostile Clinton administration in the hopes that Paul Ryan or some other such noble torch-bearer can salvage a decimated party; of which the majority was betrayed by their own cowardice. Great plan.

I haven not seen any ruminations from the NeverTrump crowd that are not laced in tut-tut "told-you-so's" and vulgar wishful thinking about a GOP legislature reigning in reckless executive overreach.

Crude said...

I do not think they dislike Hillary at all in the main.

Something else is brewing here.

Valtandor Nought said...

It will be fascinating if the following things happen:

1. Trump wins the election and is actually sworn in as President.
2. The Republican Party formally splits into pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups.
3. The pro-Trump faction forms a new "American National Party", while the anti-Trump faction merges with the Democrats. The new, larger Democratic Republican Party, with an overwhelming majority in both houses, opposes Trump at every turn, and may even have the numbers to impeach and sack him.
4. Who knows what then?

Crude said...

The new, larger Democratic Republican Party, with an overwhelming majority in both houses, opposes Trump at every turn, and may even have the numbers to impeach and sack him.

If they did this in the space of his term, they would require so many defections on the eve of a victory that the 'Who knows what then?' is answerable: a lot of dead people.

Mike said...

If #3 happens, I actually think you will see a lot of blacks leave the Democratic Party because there will be more for them with the American National Party than the Democratic-Republic. Without the neocons and Rockefeller Republicans to appease, the "ANP" would be able to make full-throated appeals to their situation, particularly on competing for jobs with illegals.

GoldRush Apple said...

The call for a 'revolution' and the support of the assassination of HRC has gotten some people livid.

Yea, I know, it's some randoms on a movie board but still. I believe the thoughts expressed on that thread is the typical mindset of those who do not like Trump on the left.

Note that the OP think the attack on the NC GOP building is "sketchy" yet the cries for HRC's death is some serious shit.

People like those in the linked page make me want to vote for Trump because they obviously hold double standards.

Crude said...

Not too surprising. Everyone hates each other. They cheer when they see their opponents beaten on TV. To think some people thought cultural degradation would be pleasant and smooth.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Bad news, Crude:

The nigger tape finally dropped.

In two parts.

Part 1

Part 2


Crude said...

Codg! You've not been around. I see the Pope said something not completely horrifying about female priests today. Small blessings, right?

Hahaha, she's still going with the Russian server thing. I guess we'll see if it works, eh? But she has the behavior of a wounded animal lately. I wonder if the results of this race won't be hilarious.

This man gave me everything I wanted from him, and more. It's a beautiful political time in America. And I hope you've been well.