Saturday, October 8, 2016

Have a wikileaks dump

I've been quiet here, I know. Combination of work and fresher pastures for fights and souls.

But that doesn't mean I can't post a little bit of something, eh?

Courtesy of Wikileaks, here are Hillary's million-dollar speeches. Be sure to notice the parts where she talks about how minorities are firmly under the thumb of DNC messaging, but they have a bunch of losers who are harder to control.

This is a glorious election. Nominating Trump has led to both parties being de-legitimized to an absurd degree - the Democrats now exposed as Wall Street slaves, and the Establishment republicans exposed as the same.

I advise faith in God to get you through what's coming, because this ride's gonna stay wild for a while - and the vote ain't gonna end it, no matter who wins.


Wood said...


You have been quiet! FWIW it was noticed and regretted. Hope your back.

Crude said...

Appreciated, thanks. I'm just shouting in less noticeable places, really. And in other venues.

But today was hilarious enough to warrant an update.

Vand83 said...

I've enjoyed your skewering of Dianelos. It's always interesting to see a bonafide gnostic amongst the orthodox. It can be frustrating on account of their believing losing is winning.

Crude said...

The big problem with Dianelos is that he's about as sincere as Rea and his cronies when it comes to this issue. It's telling that they get animated about Swinburne saying those with same-sex sexual desires are 'disordered' or 'disabled' - that is so wrong, tsk tsk, we need to be more loving - but when Swinburne and company are getting told to go suck a big queer cock, what a surprise. Suddenly they have nothing to say, or get tongue-tied.

Vand83 said...

Agreed. They're sincere Gnostics though. They believe they're privy to a secret knowledge that transcends natural law, sacred scripture, and sacred tradition. They're not interested in conversing with these three elements in mind. Their emotions are the deciding factor on any given issue. They dismiss any one or all of these elements based on how they feel. From my perspective they're almost always incoherent and self contradicting. I imagine they very comfortable with this and feel confirmed in their gnosis. Their inability to be even handed when calling for "charity" is to be expected given the dualistic nature of Gnosticism. Losing is winning. Hate is charity. Non-argument is argument. Ugh.

I'm probably being a bit simplistic in my analysis, but it's how I FEEEEL!!!

Crude said...

Haha. I can deal with a bit of babbling, a bit of self-claimed insight into the Truth borne of the Spirit or whatever nonsense they want to spout. It's when they start to engage in duplicity (blessed by whatever Spirit they're certain they hear, no doubt) that I get pissed. Of course, that's wrapped up in the inconsistency too.

Vand83 said...

A good gnostic should always strive for consistent inconsistency.....or inconsistent consistency....hmmmm. You get the drift.