Monday, October 10, 2016

Lydia McGrew: Pepperidge Farms remembers dueling over a woman's honor

Everyone knows the Trump quote right now - the admonition to 'Grab her by the pussy', I believe was the bullseye. And most guys, even most kind of backwards or shy guys, have heard this kind of talk. It's common language, along the lines of talking about how you'd fuck a girl so hard that her freckles fell off, to quote George Carlin.

Well, Lydia McGrew, noted internet scold who opposes even discussing punishing women for abortions, has a few things to say about Donald Trump's nasty, nasty language.
But for right now let me just say that the defense that "all men talk that way" comes straight from the pit of hell.
Get an abortion, you're a victim. Talk bluntly about some women, and we're into The Omen territory.

Now, before I go on, I will be frank. Men talk poorly about women. Also, women talk poorly about men. We're in the midst of what can be called 'Jackoff Culture', where porn is everywhere, everyone's masturbating, and filth is all over the place. I'm not going to defend it, because I don't think it should be defended, even as a guy who's taken part in it.

On the other hand, this fucking scolding - especially when Trump is up against a woman who, frankly, ran defense for her rapist husband, AND for the husband of her muslim gal-pal who was wagging his dick at women online and using his kid as a chick magnet - is ridiculous. And if you want to talk about damaging Christian witness, let me tell you: nothing does that quite like hypocritical lecturing from a politically motivated hack.

But on we go.

Lydia says that you should be outraged that people are admitting that, frankly, this is just how people talk - and variations on it have probably been around since Cain and Able. Considering what Lydia's outraged by, I'd suggest that maybe she's not a good guide here.

But what sticks out to me is this:
In the olden days, when one man insulted another's honor or integrity, the second man challenged him to a duel. Therefore, I suggest a metaphorical challenge in response to this gross insult to all decent men. You can throw down this challenge by posting #gauntlet on Facebook or Twitter.
First off: the olden days? What, the 1800s? This hasn't been happening for a while, Lydia, outside of romance novels. At least not in the West. It's likely more common elsewhere, and we have a term for that kind of thing: honor killings.

Second, when violence did break out over insult - it was over someone's wife, mother, sister or Queen. Not over a hypothetical woman who would quite happily gobble your knob if you were direct and halfway charming. In other words - and Lydia would hate this - not every woman was worth fighting for. Men are a whole lot worse nowadays, but so are women. Many men aren't willing to fight for a woman's honor, but just as many women are lacking the kind of honor that'd provoke meaningful blows in their defense anyway.

Gasp if you want. It sucks. And it's true. And no, 'all women everywhere' - abortions and all - isn't an acceptable replacement concept, no matter what this woman thinks.

But you know what's really telling about how far we've fallen?

Reasoning that goes like this: 'Once upon a time men used to fight for women's honor, which women used to preserve. Well, neither do anymore for the most part. But you know what's an acceptable substitute? This hashtag! Be sure to post it on your choice of two SJW-owned outlets for politically motivated feminist reasons!'

Jesus fucking Christ. Have we not fallen enough yet? Must we really demean ourselves even further by pretending hashtag warrior antics are meaningful stand-ins for honor and respect?

Unfortunately for Lydia, her attempt to hop on the Dump Trump train, AGAIN, happened just moments before it went off the rails, AGAIN. No one cared, and now everyone's cheering on the fact that Trump actually had the balls to say he'd throw a criminal's ass in prison if he could, even if she's heretofore been considered untouchable by the FBI, and ungrabbable by any man, including (for a longass time) her husband.

Win or lose, Trump is the shot in the arm we've needed for a while. For all his flaws, the example he sets makes it more likely we can recover some of the better parts of those Olden Days that Lydia and crew are pining for.


Anonymous said...


She can't possibly be serious. That's too ridiculous.

Crude said...

I can get behind #gauntlet so long as we all agree that wizard is the most useless character.

Seriously, this is unintentional comedy.

Anonymous said...

It's weird given her response and that of the other WWWTW'ers to the raging Sappho's vulgarity. Multiple posts and nowhere near the level of angry rage even though it's a fellow academic and thus someone with real power in their own world.

Crude said...

Multiple posts and nowhere near the level of angry rage even though it's a fellow academic and thus someone with real power in their own world.

Yeah, it's because the offensiveness of Trump's comments isn't the fuel this particular fire is feeding off of.

Greg said...

The part before you quote is also instructive:

"This will be short. I plan to write more later on the despicable defenses of Trump's behavior."

What planet is she living on? Trump himself isn't even defending his behavior here. Appealing to the commonness of "locker-room banter" is a tu quoque against the degenerates and perverts on the other side of the political aisle who suddenly discovered Victorian virtues. We'll have to wait and see what more she has to say, but if history is any indication it will grossly mischaracterize the sentiments and arguments of others while using heavy talmudic reasoning to explain why her moral standards should be applied equivocally.

Her hashtag antics are annoying not only due to their lameness, but also because of the scolding, school-marmish quality about them. Not content with merely offering fervent denunciations, she also feels the need to tell men what the true essence of masculinity is despite having zero first-person experience of what it is like to be a man. Even the most noble of men have thoughts similar to Trump's words. King David murdered for sex. She's laughably naive about this stuff.

Unsurprisingly her favored concept of manhood effectively neuters men so they are controllable; her interest in deconstructing masculinity is indistinguishable from radical feminism's, with the only difference being her preference for a Victorian culture instead of a modernist one. If she were serious about defending any of this, she wouldn't have closed off comments.

Anonymous said...

She's not serious about wanting a Victorian culture either, though. Middle class women explicitly didn't thrust themselves into the political sphere the way that she's attempting to for, oh, the entire history of her blogging as a rule because not doing so did invest them with a parallel and alternate role in influencing the men.

She lives in a bubble of profound remove from things that are already causing difficult lives for conservatives and yet has no idea how fragile it is. Signalling isn't going to save a lot of these types, but then again they think they can have martyrdom SJW-style, the exact way and manner they like it.

Crude said...

Well, Queen Victoria made Victorian culture, so.

I will say, Lydia's repeated attempts to lecture about what 'Real men' think or how they act comes across to me as so tone-deaf, and I think Greg has it right in identifying that Lydia's basically a prototypical feminist. Which also explains why her reaction to Trump is so over the top - because Trump is emboldening people to speak out against inane schoolmarm antics. She's got no problem with that; she just wants her schoolmarm clique to be in control, in the exact same ways.

Mike said...

She lives in a bubble of profound remove from things that are already causing difficult lives for conservatives and yet has no idea how fragile it is.

I don't remember her quote, but one time she responded about how men are routinely screwed by family law courts "yeah, I know this woman who got screwed too."

Then she was surprised that this went over about as well as going into a black community during Jim Crow and saying "you know, white police can be real jerks to middle class white professionals from time to time too."

Crude said...

The funny thing is, even despite the fact that she axed me from commenting on WWWtW - I like Lydia. I think she does some actual good work, including her recent commentary on the SCP.

But this Trump stuff is insane. And it's partly insane precisely because, as was said, she seems utterly insulated from many other Christians and conservatives. To the point where she finds it utterly incomprehensible why anyone could support Trump.

You'd think she'd pause, and ask why is that?

Andrew said...

There's something really strange going on over at WWTW when it comes to Trump. The esteemed Paul Cella, in the comments back in Jan/Feb, was indulging in the small hands joke that was going around at that time about Trump. In another thread Tony, in all of his characteristically over long comments, would only refer to Trump as tRump. And then there was his tortured series of posts trying to justify Cruz's natural born citizenship status (as Ann Coulter said of such arguments, "we're all Ruth Bader Ginsberg's now"). Lydia of course refuses to even say his name. And Jake Frievald wrote an entire article arguing that Trump really is a real racist and misogynist. And therefore disqualified.

I've given up.

-Andrew E.

Anonymous said...

When Vox admits Trump is screwed...Trump is screwed.

It was fun while it lasted.

Crude said...


The fun isn't over yet. I said long ago - closer to the start of Trump's primary run - that I wasn't supporting Trump purely in the hopes he won. I am after cultural change. He is accomplishing all that and then some, directly and indirectly. The Wikileaks today alone are incredible.

What is happening now goes beyond Trump, and it is looking glorious.

The Deuce said...

It's going to be a rough four years, but interesting times for sure, with cataclysmic shifts in the parties. Not sure what we do about the 6-3 and likely 7-2 SCOTUS exactly.

It looks to me like there's probably enough material here to just keep pounding Trump until the election though:

Crude said...

It looks to me like there's probably enough material here to just keep pounding Trump until the election though

Could be, but that seems to pale compared to what we already know.

I will say, given that Trump has been declared dead and buried at least 8 times now, and that that's been proven premature 8 times more, I'll wait for the results myself.

At this point, no matter what happens, we're either going to get A) Trump, or B) a thoroughly de-legitimized president.

I call that a win-win.

Anonymous said...

Vox thought Hillary would have Obama assassinated. It's hard to gauge Trump's chances right now because the onslaught is so brutal. Things will be clearer for a win or a loss in another week or so, once early voting is underway in more than a few states and the last debate is wrapped up.

The anecdotal evidence suggests a Trump win, but Trump himself has gone apocalyptic, so I'm not sure what the next few weeks hold in store.

Crude said...

The anecdotal evidence suggests a Trump win, but Trump himself has gone apocalyptic, so I'm not sure what the next few weeks hold in store.

All I know is if, on the day of the election (or the day after), he announces he's starting a third party... hahahaha, oh boy.