Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Benedict Option's hidden requirement

Whenever I see Catholics/Christians talking about 'The Benedict Option', I roll my eyes.

It's a nice idea, don't get me wrong. But what gets forgotten in the process is this: the Benedict Option worked because no one was chasing the Christians at the time. In this day and age, where do you plan to go to to escape the secular monstrosity?

Will you create your own city? Monaghan tried that. How's it working out?

Will you escape to the woods? Do try and find some where you can build houses.

Off to another country? Pick one where you'll be welcome.

The Benedict Option isn't an option, unless the world descends into some tremendous worldwide chaos. And even then, it's going to involve not just spiriting away into isolation, but a willingness to shoot looters and interlopers.

I'm afraid you may need another option, ladies and gentlemen.


alternative hypothesizing122 said...

What are your thoughts on the recent FBI investigation into Hillary?

Because there are many theories as to what that means.

Word is that the Democratic establishment from the top realised that if Hillary becomes president that the sheer amount of scandals would irreversibly drag everything down and completely destroy them and because of that, they gave Comey the green light to try to take her down so that they could implement a Plan B, which is to let Trump become president so that they could hinder him to the point that he wouldn't be capable to weed out any corruption or usurp the establishment in any way.

Others state that the FBI investigation is just a molehill that will turn out nothing that Comey put out in order to take focus away from Wikileaks,Okeefe and other scandals before the election to help Hillary.

Others state yet further that Comey is honestly trying to crush Hillary because he was forced to pardon her due to the specific circumstances that were active before the Weinergate scandal popped up.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Crude said...

I have no idea. Too many rumors swirling about. The 'molehill' option, to me, is the least likely scenario. It makes no sense to try and distract from Wikileaks by making a bold, dramatic and damning move that re-opened an issue that is potentially politically fatal. No one 'distracts' from a possibly damning revelation by damning themselves.

Comey gave the impression, the first time around, of a guy who knew Clinton was guilty but who was making up excuses not to charge her for various reasons. I heard rumor that the agents under him were close to simply coming out and dumping evidence about her / airing their thoughts about him candidly.

The one thing I strongly suspect is: someone panicked. I'm not sure why they did, if they in fact did.

GoldRush Apple said...

>> I'm afraid you may need another option, ladies and gentlemen.

Grow a pair of balls and stop being the "nice" Christian while calling out secularists/humanists for the asses that they are. Put on some brass knuckles for God's sake.

Lucretius said...

So, you are saying the Benedict Option is only plausible when Christians per accidens are being persecuted.

And so, the early medieval period for Christians in Western Europe is not analogical for our current struggles, a time where Christians were persecuted for having land and wealth and culture rather than for their religion. I think a better analogy would be drawn from the early Roman persecutions, where Christians were targeted per se, for actually being Christians.

How did the early Christians react to these persecutions? Did they try to build the intellectual and ethic fortresses we call monasteries? Or were they sent into the world like sheep to the slaughter to fight against these principalities and powers?

Christi pax.

Crude said...

So, you are saying the Benedict Option is only plausible when Christians per accidens are being persecuted.

No, I'm saying the Benedict Option only worked in the past because people were willing to leave them alone if they just ran off and kept to themselves. It's not really an option anymore. If we ran to the catacombs - if there were any - we'd be chased down.

Lucretius said...

I think we agree: what I'm saying is that, in the early medieval times, once the barbarians took the gold and land they wanted, they left everyone alone, because their intention was not to persecute Christians for being Christians, but to take the gold and land from the Romans that happened to be mostly Christians.

In our age, however, Christians are being targeted specifically for being Christians. This is more like the first persecutions in the first three centuries of the Church.

Christi pax.

Wood said...


I'm not a particularly virtuous person so when I moved to Manhattan from Mayberry I was worried about the temptations in the city. And then I decided I would just live a bizarro Benedict Option. I would walk around, completely unknown and irrelevant, these 4 billion people and live and think and worship free from them. Who of these cosmopolitans would even bother with a hillbilly? It was going to be a Benedict Option of the mind. Well let's just say one thing Manhattan has going for it is nearly ubiquitous offerings of the sacrament of Confession. Could not agree more with the thoughts here on the BO.

Crude said...


Alright, then. We are on the same page.


Heh, yeah, it is rough. I think the people who have come closest to implementing a kind of Benedict Option are the Amish. Tight, very insulated communities with some fairly strict rules. No one brings them up, and I fear it's because the people who talk about this Benedict Option aren't even thinking about how they would implement it.