Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Tale of Two Crudes

This is an opportunity for a lesson about Christianity.

See, in the past few weeks, I've had a few folks dropping comments on my blog. I don't even know these guys, but apparently my ardent Trump support pissed some people off, so whenever Trump had a scandal (he said a bad word!) or was down in the polls... rarely, but at times, someone would pop up snark at me.

I just spammed 'em at the time. But to them, two sincere responses.

Consciously Christian Crude:

Greetings, hostile person. On this, the day of Trump's victory, I have a message for you.

Look. My support of Trump is because I think he will do some good things. At least, he has a chance at doing so, and he will inspire some people to do some good things as well. Believe it or not, for all my criticisms of black culture and community - I want black people to succeed and thrive. The same for hispanics. And asians. And whites. I want nothing but the best for people, and for the people who disagree with me about what 'the best' always is? I'm actually largely in favor of leaving them alone in a legal sense; I just demand the ability for people in my culture, in my world, to live their lives in their communities as they see best, building a future for their children. I put America First, but not America Only, and I look to Trump to have an attitude similar to that.

So, that snark and lashing out? It's forgiven. Because it's minor, and I think it's born out of a frustration and a lack of understanding of what I am - indeed, what many people like me are, and what we want.

After you really accept these election results, I hope and pray you pause and ask yourself if maybe hostility isn't necessary. We can get along and leave each other alone, and otherwise be united in peace.

Theistic but not-Consciously-Christian Crude:

Greetings, hostile person. On this, the day of Trump's victory, I have a message for you.

How's it feel, choking on your own cock? Ha ha ha.

Hail the God-Emperor!


Decide, with those responses in mind, which you'd prefer, and more than that - whether you should encourage the Christian side or the non-Christian side that exists in people.


Lucretius said...

It looks like many celebrities are moving to Canada ;-)

Christi pax.

alternative hypothesizing122 said...

So Crude, we seem to have won this thing...

So what comes later?

You already stated that Trump's vicotry would be a tremendous cultural victory as well as a political one.

But I have a few questions.

How much will this cultural victory do?

Will it turn into a cultural shift large enough to at least reverse the liberal progressivism by a huge amount that went rampant during Obama's reign?

Will it be powerful enough to put a large portion of the SJW culture on the defensive for once while putting us into a general offensive one?

And what about obstructionism and other things?

Many Trump supporters are worrying that the establishment would work hard to stop Trump and turn him into a disappointment.

Do you think they could legitimately stop him like that, or that Trump's victory leaves the establishment and US politics in general under his control.

Another thing is whether or not Trump's victory would be shocking enough to reform the GOP in one way or another by starting a steady removal process of the cucks and the Bushes and others.

Other people raise the idea that Trump as president would expose the Clinton Administration as corrupt and effectively purge it from American political and legislative history.

He could do something similar with the Obama administration, albeit more lightly by simply undoing most of what Obama did during his reign.

And considering that liberal progressivism started becoming powerful under Obama's reign, to the point that same-sex marriage was legalised across the US, do you think the reverse could happen under Trump's reign?

A sort of reversal of liberal progressivism and a rise of conservativism that would likely defeat liberal progressivism in the end?

And then there is the fact that, even though the Democrats were instrumental in bringing about legalised abortion and US-wide same sex-marriage, they most likely didn't do it because they believed in these causes themselves.

The democrats mostly became ''progressive'' because it would pay off monetarily and give them an advantage in the American public because they shifted their views to accomodate the public.

So it seems we would have a higher chance of reversing the effect liberal progressivism has had on society.

And then there is the fact that the Republicsn not only have the Presidency, but the House AND Senate under their control too, something which happened only once before in 1928.

Do you think that, if your thoughts that Congress wouldn't go the obstructionist route against trump are correct, having all of these things under Republican conservative control could give us an edge and a big chance to reverse liberalism itself, at least start a steady stream that would continue through the generations until it's peak?

Crude said...


They'll be exposed as liars. Turns out the most racist, sexist, homophobic, stupid, backwards, gun-loving, violent country in the world is still hard to beat.


So many questions. The short answer is - the media culture, the PC culture, the SJW culture, the elite culture, have all been beaten back. I do not think the Democrats are in any position to challenge Trump right away. Who will lead the charge? Fauxcahontas? The Clintons are done - Trump removed them from the table. Obama's poised to have his 'successes' gutted. They will need time to figure out a strategy for dealing with Trump and Trump's supporters, which we've seen are quite numerous.

So far the visceral response seems to be 'despise them with greater intensity'. Let's see how that plays out.

Regardless, cultural shifts manifest in culture first, not forced legislation. A shift in culture, courtesy of a visible scion, has won the presidency, and even retained the house and senate. It will embolden people even at the small levels, helping them stand up to SJWs in their own lives. Particular policies, we'll see about.

I am under no delusions that Trump is destiny-bound to do everything I like. But so far, man, he's managed to hit quite a few notes I like the sound of.

Lucretius said...

Dear Crude:

That is true. However, another possible reasson might be that Canada, unlike another country we know, actually guards their borders and regulates the number and quality of immigrants in their lands.

The last thing Canadians want is Whoopi Goldberg, after all ;-)

Christi pax.