Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cheap Shot at What's Wrong With the World

It's ironic that their most recent post was about the importance of the First Amendment, served literally hours before God rendered 'em speechless.


Greg said...

Yup. To quote Judge Smails. "Wellllll...We're waiting!"

Anonymous said...

Can you blame them? It's the intellectual equivalent of getting up in front of the entire school and pissing yourself. What do you say after that?

Crude said...

Geez, Malcolm. And I thought I was hard on 'em!

But yeah. That is some serious radio silence they're embracing. Not a single threat of disaster has popped up - no, he didn't destroy the GOP's 'downticket'. In fact, sign are he helped boost them. No, he didn't get destroyed in the polls - quite the opposite!

I have the dark feeling they're sitting there hoping he turns out rotten on pro-life and such issues, because their animating concern with him was free trade from the start, which is absolutely disgusting if true.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the newest post is up. It's just as delightfully oblivious, tone deaf, and preposterous as I could have ever dreamed. Perhaps more so.

I particularly like the parts where he repeatedly contradicts himself as he battles his own waffling on whether or not Donald Trump is going to govern like an alt-righter or a conservative.

"He's dialing back his own promises...but he's also deplorable...he says anything to get the deal done...but he's totally not going to get a deal done..."

Note, too, that he STILL is utterly oblivious as to why people voted for Trump, ultimately deciding to go with something not particularly far off of the left's "They're all terrible people" conclusion.

More - he also believes, apparently, that the Trump supporters' reaction to the victory is something comparable to the rioting and hysterical Clinton supporters, which is transparently ludicrous.

I wonder if he realizes that conservatives voted for Trump?. Trump got Republican votes. That's pretty much why he's President.

That was a fun read.

Anonymous said...

Lydia's first comment is a preemptive disqualification of anything good that might happen during a Trump presidency. Well, golly, maybe good things MIGHT happen, but we can't give TRUMP credit for them!

Tony praises Sage's humility in humbly admitting that he was wrong and America was much stupider than he thought. So humble.

Greg said...

My sentiments are the same as yours, malcolm. I'd recommend rushing the comments section on this one as I recently did.

First, they had to drag Sage out of hibernation because the harpy who hasn't shut up about Trump over the past year can't think of what to say...although it only took to the second comment for her to show up and Pharisaically declare, once again, that Trump is the worst sinner ever.

Second, not once is immigration, sovereignty, trade, crime, law-and-order, political correctness, or demographics discussed. Not once. No, Trump voters are motivated to vote for him because they are attention-whores with a victim complex. All the while the Marxist left is rebelling in the streets of major cities while openly decrying Trump voters for being white.

Anonymous said...

I'm MarcAnthony (an old name before I came up with Malcolm the Cynic, so I kept it there).

Yeah. The utter obliviousness of what they're saying is stunning. Sage's "No, nobody here is saying all Trump voters are idiots!" after a long section in his post about the reason people voted for Trump is probably attention whoring reaches a new level in cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

Those people are the "conservative" version of the wailing hysteric liberals. They have secure, often academic positions that can't be exported, if they have kids, they were able to raise them easily in a conserva-bubble and with little financial or social stress.

They're incredibly comfortable and secure and protected and so selfish that the idea of us unprotected people having even a hope of a little security and protection (and possibly some real protection/security) makes them livid with pomposity and rage.

There is a subset of Americans with advanced degrees and either the hope or actually the social rank and prosperity that come with them who are totally fine with this as a permanent scenario. They don't mind A BIT that this creates an incredibly tiny "slice" class rather than a true middle class. Because they'd be in that little group and could keep it small by the already established process of ratcheting up the credentials.

It's hard to be consciously Christian to Christians who embrace this particular bipartisan brand of overeducated class warfare.

Crude said...

They have secure, often academic positions that can't be exported

Don't be so sure. To quote Greatagain:

To Make America Great Again for approximately 70 million school-age students, 20 million post-secondary students, and 150 million working adults, the Trump Administration will advance policies to support learning-and-earning opportunities at the state and local levels – where the heart and soul of American education takes place. We will accomplish this goal through high-quality early childhood, magnet, STEAM or theme-based programs; expansion of choice through charters, vouchers, and teacher-driven learning models; and relief from U.S. Department of Education regulations that inhibit innovation. A Trump Administration also will make post-secondary options more affordable and accessible through technology enriched delivery models.

Read that last line. Between the ascendance of Breitbart and similar media, and Trump's plan for education, their security is not as certain as one might suspect.

Greg said...

@TPC. I think this is spot on. They are essentially elitists even if what we think of as "the elite" won't have them, in that they can't or won't relate to people in different social or intellectual surroundings.