Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dear #Nevertrump: We Compromised!

One thing #NeverTrump people don't appreciate about Trump's political success is this: it's actually the result of people taking to heart the advice of the GOPe and (eventually) the #NeverTrump people.

See, the right-wing was told by the GOPe: you guys have to start compromising. You can't win on every platform you want to win on - something's going to have to give. So start compromising, start giving up on this or that issue for the sake of political success.

Which is exactly what Trump's supporters by and large did.

The wrench in the plan was that the expectation was the grassroots right would give up on issues the GOPe wanted them to give up on. Give up on abortion and immigration, and in exchange we'll be able to better advance free trade and foreign wars. The very idea that, given the choice, plenty on the right would gladly sacrifice foreign wars and free trade? That was unthinkable. After all, don't the people revere good ol' George W. Bush?

Didn't they stop to think that maybe a lot of us were *already* compromising by siding with them to begin with? That unlimited free trade and endless foreign wars didn't animate us, but were instead the things we were willing to put up with to achieve our other goals?

This is what compromise looks like, #NeverTrump. Thank you for your winning advice.


Mike said...

It probably boggles Lydia's mind that someone who is very hard to the right of her on abortion like me can actually support Trump. That's because I, and many others like me (sounds like you too), recognize that we have to win certain battles or even open up a whole new campaign to route new threats to the main culture war struggle. The whole W4 team and #NeverTrumpers in general simply cannot understand why immigration is even more important than abortion now, even though we have tried to explain it to them:

Most of the immigrants come from socialist, pro-abortion countries

Let that sink in. We are not even breeding at replacement levels and taking in hordes of people who disagree with us. If God is going to help us win this war, He is going to understand if we take a detour to stop the flood of people hostile to us on these issues from coming in and setting up a permanent pro-abortion, pro-gay, radical left wing constituency.

And again, as I said to them repeatedly before being banned: Mexico's leading parties are both members of the Socialist International (according to VD at least, and he tends to be reliable on such claims). Do the math, #NeverTrumpers. Do you honestly think that people from a country where the Dems and Repubs are both Socialist parties are going to err on the side of Ted Cruz or Elizabeth Warren?

Crude said...

The thing is, Trump's the most pro-life presidential candidate in ages. I don't think we compromised on that one. We 'compromised' on free trade, inane overseas war commitments, and maybe government spending.

I think that's what cut Lydia and company more than anything. They actually could have dealt with a pro-abortion or abortion moderate candidate. It's the lack of aggression towards Russia and Assad, and the willingness to play protectionist, that drives them nuts.

Reconquista Initiative said...


First off, thank you very much for the link. It is very greatly appreciated.

Second, concerning this post, you are quite right. And think about it from a specifically Christian perspective. After you tell us Christians that we need to compromise and support someone like John McCain (who, let's be honest, is very much a social liberal) or someone like Mitt Romney (who is no doubt a nice man but is, as a Mormon, essentially a cultist from an orthodox Christian perspective), then can anyone be surprised when admonitions not to support Donald Trump fall on deaf ears. After all, if we can swallow our ideals for a McCain or a Romney, is a loud-mouth braggart any worse? Of course not; and this is especially so when Clinton was arguably an existential threat to orthodox Christianity.

So it was the perfect storm: the GOP taught us to compromise, the Democrats created an existential threat for Christians (largely because of the Supreme Court issue), and Trump made sufficient overtures to Christians to make us see that he had at least some of our interests in mind. And thus, you have Christians happily pulling the pin for Trump!

Mike said...

Reconquista Initiative,

One thing I've pointed out much to the consternation of some #NeverTrump Christians is that they hold Trump to a higher standard on adultery and remarriage than most of the church holds itself to. Most denominations provide either a de facto or de jure bylaw or doctrinal process for making illicit remarriage as easy as declaring "wuv twooo wuv." Even the Catholic Church's annulment proceedings are legendary in Protestant and Catholic circles alike (at least in the US) for taking a "shred first, ask questions later" approach to the issue.

Reconquista Initiative said...


Ha...funny enough, I never even thought of it in that way, but I should have, for that is a very good point. And indeed, one can think, for example, of Catholic priests / lay-persons who are simply reviled at Trump because of some words that he said, but, at the same time, say little to nothing about "Catholic" politicians who are adamantly pro-abortion and who call themselves faithful Catholics. They place a high standard on Trump but fail to do so for the various other politicians, or public figures, that they support.

I would also add that the NeverTrump Christians who did what you mention very likely did so because it is relatively easy: after all, it is easy to condemn a man for his divorces who is completely detached from you and who a lot of other people are condemning, but it is much harder to condemn your fellow parishioners, sitting right across from you, for the same thing. And so the NeverTrumpers maintain their virtue, to themselves, but really only do that which is easy, not hard. And don't get me wrong, I take the easy path myself all to often, so I speak from experience here.


Gyan said...

"Most of the immigrants come from socialist, pro-abortion countries"

Is it likely?. USA has, I believe, the most pro-abortion laws in the entire world. However, a lot of countries don't have pro-life movement the way US does.

Crude said...

I suspect the real issue is that immigrants who come here, want free shit, and also want power. The easy route to free shit is the DNC. The easy route to power is identity movements and victimhood, which the DNC caters to.

Greg said...

Regarding immigrant voters and abortion, it's more the case that recent immigrants (who tend to be poor) have higher priorities than abortion as Crude said. Those coming from Mexico probably agree with the Catholic church's teachings on abortion but don't see the need to legislate against the practice. Remember what drives Hispanics in particular is la familia. What's important is that abuela is taken care of and la raza is not humiliated. This is why they're drawn to the social-welfare promoting diversity-cult called the DNC, despite being "natural conservatives."

Mike said...

If you get on Gab let me know. It seems to be a pretty interesting site.

Anonymous said...

A recent WWWTW post is celebrating losing at lawfare epically (carefully selecting cases for precedent and then getting BTFO in court anyway). And this is held out as a positive sign! Talk about compromising. And of course the bad-at-lawfare group has featured such uncompromising conservatives such as David French.

Mike said...

They really do seem to like to live up to Vox Day's accusation that they would rather lose like gentlemen than win and be thought less than gentlemen. I'm sure the response would be nothing less than another comparison between themselves and Athenians defending civilization or some such nonsense.

I could be mistaken, but my impression was that when GamerGate was in full swing and costing the left a lot of advertising money ($1M in lost revenue to Gawker) and driving left wing rags out of business, Lydia's response was that she was aware of GamerGate and agreed with the media narrative that it was mostly about mean people harassing women. So again, they'd rather hail a man who loses epically with a lot of money than be seen on the side of a group of unruly and uncouth gamers who are meanies toward SJWs who declare them dead.