Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberal Christian Truth Number 1

Liberal Christians will side with militant left-wing atheists over conservative Christians, every time.

One thing that made New Atheism 'new' was precisely its redrawing of the lines to treat even liberal Christians with scorn, despite them previously being seen as ultimately on the same side as atheists.

One reason my concern for respect for left-wing Christians died was repeatedly seeing this play out, from organizational leaders to the lowliest combox commenters.

This is not a conflict that can be 'dialogued' over. The two sides cannot occupy the same church in peace. More and more, it looks like - more broadly - the two sides cannot occupy the same -nation- in peace.


Lucretius said...

So, in other words, their true religion is liberalism, and they are Christian insofar as it is compatible with liberalism?

Christi pax.

Mike said...

I am very surprised that this line didn't cause you to start posting again:

The President who left office in January was, by comparison in personal life, twice the man of the current occupant of the White House. None of us voted for either of them.

Crude said...

I had to Google to see who wrote that. Even I am surprised! Pathetic to the last.

But really, even knowing that - what is there to say? WWWtW - the sort of thinking that animates WWWtW - is done. As Vox Day said, in the end, conservatives couldn't even conserve their movement, or their party. What a fitting end for them all.

Let a thousand Milos and Cernoviches rise from their remains.

Mike said...

Two things that really struck me about that line:

1. They are not big believers in a distinct difference between public and private life.
2. I am pretty sure they know about the issues in Obama's past like a few gay men who were rumored to be "a little too close to him" winding up conveniently murdered before the 2008 election.

When you add up the "stuff that really doesn't look good" from his past with how he acted as President, I think you have to reach pretty low to get there. Only Bill Clinton is a worse former President in personal behavior.

Crude said...

Well, it's doubly stupid of them to say if they're using the "private life" distinction. For one thing, it's obvious that Obama has never had his private life subjected to the amount of scrutiny and judgment that Trump has had. Obama's drug use alone would probably disqualify many Republicans from admiration, especially given that he treats that as no big deal. I'd love to see WWWtW say that using cocaine was no big deal and not a disqualifying factor.

But more than that, you could go on, and on, and on. Obama's *public* life reflects on his private life. The public Obama, had utter disdain for Christians. The public Obama was a race hustler, who basically justified and even encouraged riots and Black Lives Matter. The public Obama was an abortion champion who crafted policies meant to attack and undermine religious belief and institutions, especially (in fact, almost exclusively) those of a conservative bend.

Oh, but he gave a good speech and made WWWtW sigh happily and feel so proud of themselves for respectfully agreeing to disagree while the guy emboldened people whose life's passion is to make life miserable for people on the right. Especially poor working class whites, who - being blunt - Obama and WWWtW share a mutual disdain for.

You want to know what I think really bugs WWWtW about Trump? It's not his personal behavior, which they could excuse (they eliminate culpability for abortion at a hat drop.) It's not even his political leanings. It's the fact that Trump did something to them and theirs that not even Obama did: he displaced them. Obama, for all his faults, didn't pry National Review and the National Review Minded out of their perch as guardians of the conservative gate. Trump and Trump's supporters did. Obama didn't force "conservatives" to make room for a group of people of a different social circle, a different approach, a different class. Trump did.

THAT is why they're furious. That is also why Trump can't really do anything that will ever justify his presidency to them. No SCOTUS nomination will do the trick, no political appointment. Nothing. Because he made their group play second fiddle to guys like Cernovich, and they will never forgive that.