Thursday, February 9, 2017

What the hell is going on with Ted Cruz?

Between this, his Sanders slaughter and his recent media trolling, I have no idea what the hell is going on. But it's pretty great.


Jakeithus said...

Cruz has been pretty great for a while. If only he didn't cuck out and blame Trump following the Chicago riots, that single act hurt him a lot in my mind. I understand it was a hail Mary in his trailing campaign, but it was still the wrong move. Hopefully he continues to troll his opponents on social media and keeps the whole process interesting while figuring out his future.

Craig said...

The debate with Sanders was the same Cruz as ever. The social media stuff is new: my best guess is that he's realized he misjudged the social environment of the electorate and is experimenting with new approaches. It fits his rather calculated approach to politics.

Crude said...

That, I get. But usually when a political candidate decides to 'engage social media' it's pretty cringeworthy.

Whoever's doing it for Cruz is good.