Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A question for Ben Shapiro

Lest I take aim too much at W4, a simple question for the Shapiro-minded.
Our interests ought to prevail because our principles ought to prevail: limited government, individual liberty, God-given natural rights, localism in politics, religious freedom, freedom of speech and of the press, and so forth. If America ceased to believe those things or stand for them, we would not deserve to win.
Stirring words. I can mean that, you know; I can find some value in them.

But think about what this means on the local level.

Do we disown our family members for disagreeing with us about limited government, individual liberty, God-given natural rights, localism, religious freedom, freedom of speech?

Does Shapiro disown American jews who are pro-abortion, pro-big-government, and reject God's existence altogether, and more? (Hint: this is going to mean a whole lot of jews.)

Do American blacks, who are overwhelmingly opposed to the lion's share of that list, 'deserve to lose'? I bet you can come up with some creative interpretations of God's immanent justice if you walk down THAT little path.

I do not believe in utter clannishness. I believe there are limits to family loyalty, and tribal loyalty. I believe in kindness, by default, to those outside of one's 'tribe'. But there are limits because there are tight bonds to begin with. Shapiro knows them, and embraces them - ferociously. Our family and our tribe is our responsibility. If they are lost, we may fight them. We may even cast them out. But they are ours to look after - we do what we can to protect them, and to guide them right, and to keep that from happening.

Shapiro suggests a world where this is wrong - and worse, it's wrong for everyone BUT he and his. He and his go by a different set of rules, different considerations.

I want the right to look after me and mine as well. Shapiro, and Lydia, and (if more meekly, perhaps) Jeffrey S will snarl and call me names. That will not shake me, since I have this idea in my head that what I am urging people to protect - urging everyone to protect, in fact - is worth defending, come what may.

I do not need Ben Shapiro's blessing to do this. No one does. And screaming 'Racist!' or 'Anti-Semite!' does not change the worthiness of defending those people. Not 'this ideal', but 'these people'.

Now there's an idea that may catch on...

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