Friday, May 19, 2017

A sense of horror hanging in the air

While the show continues to go on - complete with ever more frantic, ever more speciously sourced leaks (we're at anonymous quotes of secondhand information about unconfirmed targets now), I think a certain sense of worry is starting to descend on our would-be ruling class. Specifically, that whatever story is playing out right now, it's not really following the script they've written.

Shades of the campaign all over again. Remember, when Trump was near-universally condemned for his comments about illegal immigration - that we weren't exactly getting heaps of law-abiding America Firsters crossing the border - there was this certain *script* that was supposed to be followed. Everyone on TV would condemn him, he'd apologize, the country would hate him, and then Jeb Bush would waddle his to a primary win. Or maybe Rubio.

Of course, that's not what went off. In fact, we had a whole primary campaign season of called shots by experts and elites, hardly a one of which landed, until the final insult was delivered courtesy of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The crazy ol' bastard won, and his Deplorables had a champion.

So, after recount attempts and defecting elector attempts and more all went awry, a new strategy was cooked up: impeachment. Scandal. It'll be like Nixon all over again! The media will play along, they hate this guy. The GOP elite will play along too - THEY hate this guy!

What's unspoken is the fact that one more group needs to play along: Trump's supporters.

And they don't seem willing to budge.

Really, the utter skepticism (even contempt) of lurid accounts of Russian entanglements and obstruction of justice are regarded with a combination of disbelief and apathy by a large section of Trump's supporters. Oh, he worked with the Russians to fuck the DNC? Prove it. And more than that, who gives a shit? The DNC isn't the loyal opposition, kids; they're a group of people who despise the GOP. Oh, but it's improper to rely on foreign agents to influence elections? Funny, the Democrats seemed quite at home with that strategy - see illegal immigration and fervent hostility to vote fraud investigations.

That people honestly think lurid tales of Putin will stir some kind of anti-Trump revolt. You can practically hear Egg McMuffin talking to his hirers. "These guys love Rambo, and they hate Russia! They still think Russians are communists!" Lo' and behold, not so much. At least not enough to make then entertain the thought of going all in on what is plainly a coup attempt.

Hard to blame them, anyway. What will they get out of it? "Restore dignity to the office of the Presidency?" Go fuck yourselves. We just had 8 years of a wannabe autocrat (who probably was born in Kenya anyway, and was either an atheist or a muslim and lying about it) sympathizing with black rioters and talking about how justified shooting victims 'could have been his son'. It was almost won by the world's least accomplished and most corrupt female politician since Marcos. But the black tie soirees will have more dignity with someone other than Trump in there? Tough.

Which leaves us in a situation, which is starting to look like a cook who notices the frog has left the pot, and is trying to tempt him back in by lighting the rest of the kitchen on fire. Make it hot enough, fast enough, and surely the frog will regard the pot as the best place in town, right? Surely the frog will do so before the fire's out of control and the whole kitchen is going to burn to the ground, right?

Stay tuned.

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Mike said...

I think what is shocking to the elites and activists both among the left and mainstream right is that no one cares if the Russians meddled unless you can show them hacking the voting machines. In fact, I am confident that Putin made it very clear to the FSB that hacking those machines was absolutely, categorically forbidden under pain of being thrown into a small, dark hole in Siberia because Putin knows that if the FSB could ever be tied to an actual voting hacking, it could cause a declaration of war.

And for what? Putin knows that the sweetest, win-the-whole-internet masterstroke of trolling the West would be depantsing the elites in a brazen use of the Russian intel apparatus' offensive capabilities, and then letting the people finish the job.

BTW, Gab is now open for you to sign up if you aren't already on it.