Friday, July 28, 2017

Integrity and Character

As Obamacare is made the law of the land, because the Republicans found themselves too afraid to repeal the law that they've been fundraising and seeking re-election on for years... just remember this.

Donald Trump, who pushed and pushed hard to repeal and replace Obamacare, was the guy team NeverTrump said lacked the character to be president.

McCain, who voted repeatedly to repeal Obamacare until the very moment it was actually possible, was cast as the man of integrity and good character.

Give me the asshole with the temper and the foul mouth over the celebrated, principled cucks who not only love to lose, but whose principles can't even withstand actual personal tests.


Anonymous said...


Given this situation, I am reminded, ironically, of Jesus's parable of the 'Two Sons' in Matthew 21:28-32. The son who really did his father's will was the one that said he would not do it, but then did it anyway, whereas the duplicitous son was the one that said he would do his father's will, but did not do so. Does the latter sound like modern Republicans to anyone else? And doesn't the former sound like that "Democrat in hiding" Trump, who has arguably actually been more right-wing than many self-described conservatives.


Damian Michael

PS - Although I know that you have moved away--at least in terms of posting--about Catholic / Protestant apologetics, I just wanted to bring your attention to a new work that I finished called "The Mortal Sin of Protestantism: How Eve's First Sin Undermines Protestant Theology". My work, in its totality, can be found for free at In essence, this work aims to make a unique contribution to Catholic apologetics by showing that the Adam and Eve narrative undermines Protestant doctrine concerning sin given that Eve's first sin can only be coherently explained as a venial sin. Anyway, just thought that you might be interested in such a topic as a side-issue. All the best.

Crude said...


Trump is an enigma even now to me, but he seems vastly more consistent than many a Republican that came before him. Frankly, he strikes me as a man who spent his life 'playing the game' as a Democrat, because he had to - and in the end got tired of the game. Wouldn't that be amazing? Trump the Sleeper Agent.

And I hope you're doing well! I'm still active, just doing less blogging lately. I actually am as keenly interested in apologetics as ever - I just now believe that the intellectual arguments have been secured, so it's time to move on to fundamental problems as I see them.

Still, that's a fascinating approach. I'll give it a look. And I'll switch links soon.