Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Religious Trump Effect

The one nice thing about the Trump effect is this: it's, at least in my experience, been making it harder - a lot harder - for "principled religious conservatives" to be taken seriously. In fact, things are graduating into open contempt. And it's funny to watch 'principled conservatives' panic when they realize that trying to capitulate to the left while shaming the right not only is resulting in scorn from the left (they're used to it) but scathing hostility from the right.

Calling John McCain John Cuckstain is one thing. But watching milquetoast preachers get their intellectual backs to the wall - especially those who try the tiring-as-shit "I'm a REAL man, I ride a motorcycle, now let me tell you why feminism is a good thing..." preacher routine - has been absolute gold.

Christianity - Catholic and non-Catholic both - will advance once 'religious leaders' realize that their flocks can see through their capitulation routines for what they are.


Anonymous said...

None of this is happening among women. If anything, there's more capitulation and succor of liberal cant.

Crude said...

None of this is happening among women.

I wouldn't expect it to. Different audience, different sex with different roles. Being blunt, the only way forward there isn't 'inspire them to revolt against their liberal overseers'. It's 'inspire a replacement in their overseers'.

Nate Winchester said...

But... But...

It is the reliable torrent of lies, defenses and excuses for his lies and swinish behavior from Super Catholics (who do indeed scour the Internet for billy clubs to beat the Holy Father).

It just kills me to watch this bizarre funhouse parody of the gospel. I pray for its defeat and destruction.

Yeah it just strikes me as funny to see on the one hand people like Shea freak out about all the blind support religious conservatives give Trump while bloggers like you talk about all the pushback religious conservatives are giving Trump.

It's just kind of funny to see how insane the president is driving folks like Shea. The man ain't even THAT conservative yet at this rate they're going to have Trump painted as the second coming of Calvin Coolidge.

Maybe that's a bumper sticker I could make up... "I wasn't on the trump train until [the left/media/whoever] shoved me on board."

Crude said...

I strongly suspect that part of the reason people like Shea are freaking out (aside from the fact that the dude's clearly unhinged in general) is that he's a direct threat to their fiefdoms.

'Conservatives' and 'religious' like Shea have spent ages trying to foster a sense of authority for themselves, and at least respectability. They are supposed to be the gatekeepers who decide things, like what is and isn't moral/holy (Shea), what is or isn't 'truly conservative' (National Review).

It was bad enough but acceptable when people would argue with them, so long as said people were forced to show them, at least, some respect. Now, even that's largely gone.

Shea in particular is a fink, since he screams bloody murder about Trump, then boasts about his friendships with literal atheist bisexual abortion pushers, because that lets him push his I'm-so-tolerant cred. At this point his main contribution to Catholicism is to make himself an intellectual punching bag and mock-target. Catholics who believe in and preach orthodox Catholic morals feel encouraged in their faith by having Shea and crew intellectually pilloried and denied intellectual authority.

So good for him!

Nate Winchester said...

Oh ive long made the joke nobody has sold me on Trump like Shea has. XD

Mike said...

Oh ive long made the joke nobody has sold me on Trump like Shea has. XD

If Shea were the only Catholic you ever met you could be forgiven for believing the Protestants who call the RCC the Whore of Babylon.

Mike said...

I actually think that many of the #NeverTrumpers would probably have felt a lot of what they feel toward Cruz if he had won. Many of them underestimate how much of a closet shitlord Cruz may actually be (remember the meme he shared and his quip about the smoking part?) In fact, I think it's entirely possible that Cruz might have made a lot of them even angrier because I could see Cruz just being ruthless to his enemies (in a way we'd like) if he were President.

The Deuce said...

It's pretty funny to see Shea of all people piss and moan about Trump's "torrent of lies."

Apparently he didn't read his own most recent exchange with Ed Feser.