Thursday, October 19, 2017

Who blew Harvey Weinstein?

You know, for all the explosive coverage of Harvey Weinstein, I notice there's one question no one - and I mean no one - is asking.

What actresses blew Harvey Weinstein to get ahead in the business?

I'm not asking "What girls did Harvey Weinstein force himself onto."  Nor am I denying that happened - in fact, that's part of the point here.

I'm asking, "Which girls eagerly blew this guy, thinking that it would do wonders for their career?" Which girls blew the guy that everyone knew was a grabby and at least workplace-dangerous pervert?

Reminder: Weinstein's turn to pariah status is extraordinarily recent, not to mention sudden. As of a few weeks ago, he was a powerful Hollywood figure. There's no shortage of pictures of women smiling happily as they glom onto him. No shortage of video clips of actresses praising him or thanking him. No shortage of quotes to the same effect.

And we've got every reason to believe that his behavior wasn't exactly a secret. Actors and actresses knew. They talked.  They excused, and they even went to bat for him.

So, how many girls did Harvey a favor - jumped at the chance to do him a favor - to get ahead?

And what should we think of any self-described feminist who eagerly played this game, with a guy like this, if they in fact did so?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Church Militant gets what so many miss

So, here's the story. The Jesuit's America Magazine - "The Catholic Magazine with the lowest white blood cell count!" I believe is their tagline - decided to interview Milo Yiannapolous. I guess someone went "Oh, this is an outspoken politically active gay guy who just got married and he's Catholic? I bet he aligns with our outlook." and just went in on this blind. Anyway, the result was both interesting and hilarious, so naturally the magazine rejected it. All well and good, Milo posted it on his site and everyone had a read. Probably with greater circulation than if the magazine actually followed through.

So far, so good.

What's surprised me is that Church Militant decided to run the interview instead.

And then, when people reacted to it - they stood by their decision and offered four reasons why they decided to publish the interview.

I'll leave it to whoever shows up here to read - it's good stuff - but what's funny, and encouraging, is that Church Militant... these radical Catholic traditionalists, all stuck in the old ways... managed to see the value in at least discussing Milo's views, and presenting them. They see something there, no matter what sins he confesses to. They see the value of a gay guy who outright rejects the idea that the Church needs to conform its teachings to his outlook - and who sees the value (even the salvation) the Catholic Church offers.

I suppose it's wrong to say 'they see the value of a gay guy'. They see the value of someone who's got charisma, who's witty, who's conservative, and who is actually aggressive. They see a guy doing the job that no bishop, no priest, no Pope is willing to do, and directly locking horns with feminism and saying, "There is nothing of value you have to offer."

And let me tell you... more than a few people have started to listen to right-wing arguments on sex and life and culture due to this kind of engagement. Everyone knows that feminism is oppressive, everyone knows that SJWs are oppressive. Yet it's falling to guys like Milo - and typically, some more troublemaking priests, at best (now and then a bishop like Poprocki) - to actually go on the attack.

You find him too fallen? Too vulgar, at times? Too off-putting?

Too fucking bad. The conservatives were too 'respectable' or too damn untalented or too afraid to do what was necessary. So the fringe have picked up the reins.