Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fast thoughts mid-week 11/09

* First, a casual hello to everyone out there in philosophical blogging land who I don't get to talk to much lately. Grod, Brandon (he never comes here, ha!), etc, etc. You know your names. Pardon my absence, but I still lurk and watch a lot of your arguments, and it continues to impress and inspire. Good to see Ed doing so well too.

* I see the latest headline involving the Pope has him lecturing about cell phone use. I find that encouraging, because if we can keep him talking about fortune-cookie level petty shit for the rest of his papacy, maybe he'll stop doing damage to the Church.

* Latest abomination in science is injecting rats with tiny human brains for the scientific reason of "why the fuck not" and "we're already funded". Hey, here's an idea for a horror movie: these rats track down and find the women and chop-shop docs who aborted them, and tear them to pieces a la Willard. I'd go see it, and I hate movies.

* Here's a statistic you're not gonna hear anyone quoting: "Atheists are responsible for some of the largest mass-shootings in the US." Someone tell Dawkins, maybe it'll give him another stroke, and then we won't have to endure him embarrassing himself with yet more shitty jokes as he lectures the US on gun control. (And the NRA member who shot the monster? He deserves a medal. Here's the thing: with Trump, he may actually get one.)

* By the way, one of the best parts of the Trump administration? It's nice to have a leader who sounds like a human being. I know, I know, people miss the previous joke we had who did a Flowers for Algernon imitation whenever he lacked a teleprompter. I prefer this, mistakes and all. Trump is, if nothing else, certifiably human and he doesn't try to be anything else, and we don't have to pretend he's anything else. Fun as it is to call him God Emperor.


Mike said...

By the way, one of the best parts of the Trump administration? It's nice to have a leader who sounds like a human being.

I though the cucks' hero-founder said:

“I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”

Funny how they can't stand someone who sounds more like the former than the latter.

Brandon said...

I do indeed come here on occasion.

I think Pope Francis is usually quite good at the fortune cookie level stuff; at that level he makes sense, says some practical things, stays orthodox even if occasionally hyperbolic, and on occasion jumps off to serious criticisms of modern culture that probably get a far better hearing at the fortune cookie level than it would anywhere else. And there's probably a large mass of people who aren't going to take more than a fortune cookie's worth of anything a pope says, anyway. If he stayed at that level, he'd actually be a fairly good pope, even though not particularly impressive (but popes often aren't). Unfortunately, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that he thinks of himself as a great reformer and clever strategist.

While I'm not a fan of Trump, it's remarkable how much of the criticism of him is really aesthetic, an attack on his impatience with all the pomp and facade of politics -- which is actually one of his better qualities. Although his best quality is not being Hilary Clinton, a low bar, but something he does beautifully well.

Crude said...

Hey Brandon, that's a legit surprise! Hope you're doing well.

Maybe he's good at that, but to me he's just 'harmless', which I'd settle for. Your analysis seems on target to me, unfortunate as it is. The 'clever strategist' part is the most annoying, only because it's not true. That recently-dismissed priest associated with the USCCB I think had him dead to rights, which I suspect really stung. If nothing else, the guy was perceptive.

I'm a much bigger fan of Trump, though oddly enough for similar reasons. I like a lot of his policy initiatives, but as I said from the start: that's not what I want from him. I want his example. I want his cultural impact. He gives me that. Oh, how I want that wall. And so much more. But as it stands, he's like a massive, arrogant Andrew Breitbart in the Max Headroom universe where no one can turn off the TV. You can't legislate that into existence, and that means McCain and company can't stop it either.


Will Worrock said...

Hey Crude, I saw that stardusty got banned from Feser's blog. How many blogs does that make that he got banned from?

Crude said...


Well, that's like three now I believe.

What a freaking toolbox.

Will Worrock said...

And I also saw that even Don Jindra was calling him on some of his non sense

Crude said...

As I said, there is nothing to Stardusty. Nothing. He's an assertion machine.

Looks like the one trick pony finally ran out people's patience.