Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lawrence Krauss is the latest atheist to be outed as an allegedly weird sexual creep

Courtesy of Gizmodo:
The exhaustively reported BuzzFeed article by reporters Peter Aldhous, Azeen Ghorayshi, and Virginia Hughes details women’s claims of sexual misconduct against Krauss that extend back more than a decade. The alleged incidents range from sexist comments he made to female coworkers at Arizona State University, where Krauss is currently employed, to his nonconsensual groping and harassment of women half his age. These incidents reportedly led to official complaints filed by the women to a long list of universities and organizations Krauss has affiliated himself with over the years.
Really, I just want to know if he and Carrier ever went on a double date.


GoldRush Apple said...

Well, that was a less weird read compared to my encounter with pedo apologists on reddit and incest apologists on some anime forum. Granted all three were sorta predictable given the nature of each.

Mike said...

I would have predicted the opposite for where you encountered both types of apologists.

Lucretius said...

Aren't we supporting these mob courts and idealogical pseudo-crimws though by playing their game and immersing our thought into their language?

Christi pax.