Saturday, September 8, 2018

Learning from the left

Remember back when Harry Reid 'went nuclear' in the Democrat-controlled Senate, deciding to end filibusters to bypass the Republicans? Everyone knows how that ultimately played out: Democrats used the power, then lost it, and for a while now a Republican-controlled Senate has been using it to great effect.

Cocaine Mitch McConnell himself has poked his head out of his shell to say - I told you this would happen, guys. And that was probably a sincere warning: conservatives, being cuckservatives, probably would have been so chastened by reluctance by Reid to 'go nuclear' that they'd have had trouble doing so themselves later on. But there was no such reluctance, and since then, McConnell - and the GOP - have pushed things further. 

People don't really talk about 'bipartisanship' anymore (it was always a Uniparty ruse anyway), and chances are they buried the concept with McCain's corpse. Assuming they finally put that guy in the ground.

The point is: the left tends to forget that the tactics they tolerate today are the tactics the right uses tomorrow. And tomorrow's coming faster than it ever did, thanks to the internet.

Think of all the opposition to Trump. The open advocacy of resisting him in every way. Of trying to get him ousted. Of threatening any of his allies with punishment for daring to support him. Lawsuit after lawsuit to prevent - if only via nuisance - a law from being enacted. Outright decisions to declare some cities and even states 'sanctuaries' against federal law. Really, against laws they simply don't like.

If you don't think that's coming home to roost, prepare to be surprised.

Eventually, a leftist is going to win an election, and the right's not just going to complain - they're going to say the leftist's election is illegitimate, and their orders carry no weight. The leftists will pass laws, and the right won't enforce them. Indeed, the right will blatantly refuse. I don't know the law, I don't know the limit. But eventually it's going to happen.

This country will not last.


rOnIn said...

//This country will not last.//

Yes, it seems that way. I just wish "conservatives" like Ben Shapiro, Ben Sasse, and their ilk would wake up to the fact that radical liberals don't play by the rules, and some times one needs to get "dirty" and fight back. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the saber rattling on Iran and Syria; just as well, Trump's lack disengagement in Yemen deserves criticism. Yet, I realize the guy is under siege, and I am giving him latitude.

Crude said...

They don't care, for various reasons.

Shapiro doesn't really see the US as anything important to defend. It's 'a nice place to visit'. In his mind, Israel is home, and the US is a bulwark and perhaps something to exploit. Which is why he'll go from crying about the need to be pristine humanitarians and grant some amnesty in the US. With Israel, he will outright say that not only do walls need to go up, but invaders should be shot dead on sight. That's not a single issue he's wrong on, but a hint at his larger worldview.

Sasse and the others think their future is brightest as worldly cosmopolitans who, at best, gently disagree with their beloved left-wing brethren (but believe giving up everything to them is an important principle that shows their maturity - and how convenient, the left never asks for something they care about anyway.)

It's comparable to Pope Francis in a way. The Pope will keep his mouth shut about abortion and gay marriage and this and that. It's not because he's inept. He literally doesn't give a shit.

Bellomy said...

Sorry to derail, but I have some really sad news.

Zippy of Zippy Catholic passed away in a car accident Tuesday. His son confirms it in the comments on his blog.

The only person to influence my current worldview more than Zippy is Dr. Feser. A tragic loss indeed. Please pray for him.

Bellomy said...

Incidentally Pope Francis is vile. If we are to treat the Pope with the same respect as a father then I will certainly treat him that way, as a father who actively covered up predators going after his children, or else knew it was happening and ignored it.

He is a disaster, in every way imaginable.

Mike said...

Hey bud, got bad news. Zippy was hit in a car accident.

Mike said...

Should have been more specific: he was hit and killed.

Crude said...

Well, that's terrible news. Damn.

Vand83 said...

You should check out Mark Shea's most recent coverage of the Kavanaugh story. I'm betting you won't be surprised. I'll say, even I was a bit shocked at the degree he's committed himself to labeling Kavanaugh a liar. It's funny, he supported Hillary because she was the lesser of two evils. One thing is certain, both the left and right take think a Kavanaugh Justice could possibly overturn Roe V Wade. Potential sexual assault vs potential overturn of Roe V Wade on the ethics scale? Guess where Shea falls?

machinephilosophy said...

Dude, we're missing you kickin' ass over at Ed's place.

Sorry to hear about Zippy. Still sad about Great Scott's passing as well. Both were gentlemen of the highest caliber and decorum.

Anyway, slide on by and kick somebody's butt. I'm sure Feser misses you too.

Merry Christmas, Bro.

All the best,

Crude said...

Hey man,

Haha, Ed and company can handle themselves, but I popped in there recently. Holy shit Ed T Babinski is still doing his thing. That's depressing!

Hope you and the rest are doing well.