Monday, September 3, 2018

Random Musings, 9/3/18

Greetings all. Clawing my way out of the void to do an update. I hope everyone is doing well.

* Dangerous Ideas is getting a little depressing nowadays. I see Trump Derangement Syndrome has affected even my favorite liberal, Victor Reppert. Remember when the place was all about philosophical debates on theism and metaphysics? Ah, that was glorious. Sparring over the relative reasonability of being a (non-/pro-)materialist given the state of science and philosophy! Discussion about the merits of God belief in the modern world! Dangerous Ideas was a whetstone where I carved my intellectual blades. Now... well, Trump changed things. He changed everything. I can lament the decay while still remembering the greater days. Perhaps that's what it means to get old and wise.

* I see Pope Francis continues to be quite the piece of shit! Yes, yes, I know - not something a Catholic should be saying, though for all my manifold failings, I can't recognize that statement as one of them. The man coddles pedophiles while condemning the faithful. Bites his tongue on abortion, while railing against plastic! Pope Francis is the Pope for the Catholic who is bored with Catholicism, and yearns for a religion with all the pageantry and ceremony, but geared towards a secular morality. He'd have gotten further with it if his greatest allies didn't like fucking dudes, the younger the better.

* They finally buried McCain, though I think it's only because his corpse started to stink after multiple days of exposure to the sun. Yes, I know, I'm supposed to pretend that the man's a hero because once upon a time he was in the military - but so was Benedict Arnold. Still, as usual, his death provides a great opportunity to filter: any 'conservative' who took the opportunity to praise that man as a hero has revealed themselves to be a bit of a fraud. McCain sucked, ladies and gentlemen. He was a warmonger and an egotist of the worst sort: one who fed his ego by serving the flavor of the month. Give me a self-aggrandizer over a crowd-pleaser any day.

* By the way, his daughter is a talentless hack. Whenever I see Meghan McCain waddle her way in front of a camera, I ask myself: why is no one talking about that "privilege" I hear so much about? In a purely just world, she'd be in a mid-sized firm in charge of negotiating the price of road salt at a salary of 40k/year. But instead she's making a fortune - probably eating most of her salary - purely because daddy was a senator, and enough of an asshole to become a household name. I'd respect her if she developed some talent, but the only talent she's rocking is the ability to pork up like Sally Struthers and no one's called her a fatass on the air yet.

* Circling back to Catholicism: is it possible to create a more unpleasant person than "Cardinal" Blasé Cupich? The man is so toxic I'm pretty sure his use is banned by the Geneva Convention. Put aside the name, which screams "asshole" right from the get go. At first I thought he was actively trolling people, but now I think he's just so self-unaware he has no idea how much of a cocksucker he sounds like whenever he opens his mouth. "They don't like Pope Francis because he's latino"? First off, Francis is Italian, not "latino", even if he hails from South America - like many a latter-day descendant of nazis. Second, does he think anyone will take that seriously? Francis looks - and acts - whiter than a Doctor Who convention.

* I see Ed Feser is getting more and more press. I'll never forget the day I bought The Last Superstition. I remember following Michael Flynn's LiveJournal, trying to make sense of this 'Aristo-Thomism' thing, and then I see him linking this Ed Feser guy, saying he can PROVE God exists. "Woah, that's fucking bold" I thought, and bought his book. Changed my life. At the time I thought Ed was too 'punchy', but now I realize that's just what the world needed. Really, the lasting effect of TLS is that I was charged with the confidence to tell would-be arbiters of reason to go fuck themselves, and because of that, I am in his debt. May God make him and his family happy and prosperous.

* Also, I really enjoy reading Just Thomism to this day. I'm so glad Chastek manages to do regular blog updates without apparent feedback. He's like a more hardcore William Vallicella.

* By the way, do you have any idea how funny it is to go to the darkest, most counter-cultural, dark-humor-laden parts of the internet, to see people defending the nuclear family, belief in God, exercise and personal responsibility? God has a sense of humor.

Anyway, I hope everyone who is reading this is doing well. Even you, Yakov! You may be pissed at me, but really, can you blame me? Talk to me one dead Pope from now. Maybe the world will be more pleasant.


grodrigues said...

Welcome back.

"Dangerous Ideas is getting a little depressing nowadays."

A little? Even I, that am not American and thus a little cold towards its politics, and who is sensitive to the arguments of Budziszewski that a bad person may do good things but cannot be a good statesman, am simply fed up with this kind of anti-Trump crap. Anybody that would tell me that the US would be better off with Hillary should be advised for medical therapy and possibly some heavy dose of Xanax. I have took the blog out of my feed and do not visit it anymore.

As for the Holy Father? Too depressing to cobble any sensible, polite words...

Crude said...

Hey grod! Nice to see you.

Yeah, it's obsessive. The real sorrow is that Reppert's blog seems downright taken over by that now - he used to work in a political post now and then. But now? It's just the worst kind of the constant fringe panic about Trump.

Leftism is its own religion, and its god is jealous.

Legion of Logic said...

The anti-Trump hysteria is one thing, but they even try occasionally to actually defend Hillary Clinton. You go that far, you lose all intellectual and moral credibility.

Crude said...

I assume that's partly the product of one zealous commenter there who seems to have some obsession with being a Christian feminist.

GoldRush Apple said...

Good to see you haven't forgotten about your blog. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I'll visit Crude Ideas to see if he resurfaced."

> * By the way, do you have any idea how funny it is to go to the darkest, most counter-cultural, dark-humor-laden parts of the internet, to see people defending the nuclear family, belief in God, exercise and personal responsibility? God has a sense of humor."

The internet is like NYC or any decent city - you wander here and there long enough and you'll find people who serve you the food you want at a price you're willing to pay.

GoldRush Apple said...

And Cupich is a joke. He ended the career of Fr. Phillips of St. John Cantius while a retired aux. bishop, who was fully of aware of priest child molestation during his tenure, sits pretty in the archdiocese mansion in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, all while inviting Fr. Martin to guest speak in Holy Name Cathedral, the seat of the diocese.

Crude said...

I'm still around. Just on to bigger targets.

The Church crisis is interesting, since Francis' failings are finally getting exposed. I'll just say that I called him a fraud before it was cool - ha ha, as if that matters. I wonder if another Pope will even come after him. If a liberal is voted on due to his packing the college of cardinals, who would respect that? If a traditionalist rose, would liberals - facing the prospect of a serious counter-attack and purge - stand for it?

I guess we'll see. All I know is right now, Francis is exposed, and so are his lackeys. I remember when people were speculating he'd be a shoo-in for sainthood after his death.

May the Church bring more light to the world. If that requires using these heretics for fuel, so be it.

Mike said...

Megan Fox at PJMedia wrote a post on how guys like you can help fight Francis. One of her suggestions was that conservative Catholics need to demand that their state government follow PA's example and flush everything out via grand jury investigation(s).

I would add one harder pill to swallow, which is that a policy be established at the federal level that anyone who commits these crimes or covers them and flees to the Vatican be considered a legitimate target for rendition. I doubt the Italians would really care if our clandestine services started nabbing some of these guys and bringing them back to face trial.

Crude said...

The problem with pushing this too far is: the Vatican is not alone here.

Look at the BBC. Look at Teacher's unions. Look at countries which peg the age of consent at fucking 12, with no one talking about it.

The Church is being targeted in part because the abundance of gay clergy and molesters is too salacious to ignore. But the problem is bigger than that.

I'm just eager to start purging the filth from the Church. Everyone else can have their hands full with the rest.