Thursday, March 14, 2019

Holy crap Edwardo D Bablionski (or whatever) is still around and trying to be an internet atheist

Hey all. I'm still around, still praising God and lamenting the sorry state of my Church and culture. But I've been very busy with other things, including yelling at people online in other venues. Such is life.

But I'm always silently watching the places I always used to keep an eye on - the ever-inspiring Ed Feser. Malcolm the Cynic. TOFSpot. Shadow to Light. Started checking out Dalrock and other places too.

Before I go on, let me tell you a funny story.

Back in the days where I used to lock horns with people on Dangerous Ideas (Victor Reppert remains an anomaly: a largely nice liberal man who makes good arguments, and who can go for days without making me want to throw a rock at him), I used to spar with BDK, before he got exposed for being quite a fink. (Search the archives if you give a crap about that kind of petty stuff.) The real point is that at one point, in a backhanded compliment about my being exacting/anal in an argument, he told me I should get into programming.

That stuck in my mind as a compliment, and for a few other reasons, I got into it. Before long, I picked up work doing exactly that, and nowadays I'm up to my throat in tech. Decent money too. VR simulations, mobile apps, full stack... helluva resume at this point. In my other window I'm moving through the tail end of a Data Scientist course so I can start to dip my toes into machine learning and AI programming on top of it all. I love it to death.

Still as interested in politics and religion as I ever was, of course. Moreso in some ways. But the fact is, I wanted to do more. Get more intellectually dangerous. After all, I was drawn to Dangerous Ideas at the start for a reason. Gotta keep the danger growing.

And so, I have been. Hence my scarcity, at least as Crude.

So anyway, I was checking out Ed's latest stuff, and lo' and behold, there's a name I remember in the comments section. Edwardo Bablionski, snarking away! It was like going back to Nineteen Ninety Freakin' Five for a moment, watching this guy manage, in the space of a few paragraphs, to come across as as much of a windbag as he ever did. Quite literally the same, if you're so unfortunate as to stumble on his web presence. It's like GeoCities threw up in there.

It was depressing to see, honestly. Not because of the mere commenting, but because it was the picture of a man, frozen. No development. No growth. The same obsessions, the same routine, even the same lack of skill. Good God. Like the cowboy-hatted mediocrity and company, they don't even get better over time. They're one trick ponies, this particular crop of atheist, and they never were good at the trick to begin with.

New Atheists no more. Now they're the Grey Atheists.

Meanwhile, Ed's got new books, getting into new venues. We've got new developments, from Gab and Dissenter to Comicsgate and more. I trust most of you are developing as you can, if God permits you the peace and comfort to do so. Sharpen your skills, advance your abilities - perform, and fight, and have fun doing it! Teach your kids to do the same.

But don't be like these other guys, the Edwardo Bablionskis and Mediocrities and all that, struggling to see how many times they can fit the words "ad hoc" into a single comment without going over the 2000 character comment limit on Blogger. For all these jagoffs 'fucking love science', they seem to do precious little of it - and I, the guy who's only grown more skeptical of it over the years, will probably get a paper or two peer-reviewed at some point in my fields of choice. For no other reason than I think it'd be funny.

As ever, God's got a sense of humor.