Monday, April 1, 2019

Are you even remotely surprised that Joe Biden has been accused of being a sexual creep?

The same people who insist that Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia because he joked about Russia releasing Hillary Clinton's emails will swear up and down that this is totally normal and acceptable behavior and not at all creepy and sexually harassing, even if the women say that yes it actually is.

Image result for joe biden nuzzling hair

The funniest part is that this comes hot on the heels of him apologizing for not believing Anita Hill's bullshit ages ago and how the whole "white guy" thing about innocent until proven guilty has to go, and we have to start believing women.

Anyway, get ready for an onslaught of pictures of Biden acting around women the way Richard Carrier would if they didn't threaten to mace him the moment he shambled within twenty feet of them. At least until Biden decides that, you know, he never actually wanted to be president, he just wanted to pick a VP who looked cute in a tight sweater.


Will Worrock said...

Hey Crude, what do you think of Steve Shive's old response video to David Bentley Hart's book "Atheist Delusions" over on youtube? I'm just wondering because I haven't read the book and because you seem to point out the flaws in arguments of atheists like Shives.

Crude said...

Haven't looked at either. Honestly, my impression of Hart is that he's full of hot air - I've seen the way he locks horns with Feser, and the results are never pretty. I wouldn't trust him to accurately handle philosophical arguments for theism or analyze the benefits Christianity provided to the modern world. He's a guy who retreats into mysticism and bad poetics when his back is to the wall, and explodes with rage when someone notices that and doesn't pretend it's all wise and beautiful.

Steve Shives, at a glance, is an absolute nobody with "his preferred pronouns" in his twitter bio, which is a sure sign that whatever he produces will be a mix of low quality, shitty emotionalism, and creepiness. I assume he's a male feminist, so I wouldn't worry about what he does, since it will be forgotten in the event he's outed as a creepy predator, which happens to every one of those eventually.

Will Worrock said...

Hey Crude, I got a question. What is your opinion on the youtube channel, Secular Talk? If so, what is your opinion on it?

Crude said...


I never saw it, and probably never would, because the after years of debating them I've concluded that atheist evangelists have nothing new to say, and the old things they have to say are usually repetitive and uninteresting.

A serious question: don't you go out of your way to find atheist stuff? Like, a *lot*? If I recall right, almost all of your interactions here are asking me about what this or that atheist said, what can anyone say, how can anyone argue with them.

In case you haven't noticed yet, arguments don't matter with most people - especially atheists - because the arguments aren't ever decisive. They are, for most people, largely illusions and proxies meant to give an intellectual veneer to a conclusion the person is going to cling to come hell or highwater, typically socio-politically motivated. A typical atheists who is convinced tonight that the spread of atheism would lead to an atheistic cultural that was politically aligned against his objectives would find God before tomorrow morning.

The upside of this is that if atheist/seculars ever say anything that seriously keep you up at night - now, after all this time - then chances are you either *enjoy* the drama of self-inflicted doubt (a very Christian thing) or you desire an utter certainty which you will never, ever have, and no honest atheist has either, because life is a gamble and that's why faith is inescapable no matter what direction it flows in.

Hopefully this helps.

Will Worrock said...

Ok, thanks. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm bizarrely fascinated with evangelical atheists, sorta a like how some people look at gross-out videos. I don't understand and I am repulsed by them, but evangelical atheists somehow always seem to grab my attention. And it also really grinds how intellectually dishonest atheists can have such big followings.

Crude said...

Define "big". At this point they don't register much. That's a ship which has sailed.

My advice? Evangelical atheists are complete frauds, but they're easy, visible and pathetic. Be on the watch for fraud *Christians*. They're the ones who can, and will, do damage. And they're usually atheists who are playing a bit.