Thursday, September 19, 2019

An ode to Mark Shea's career

Just showing up to raise a toast to the effective end of Mark Shea's career.

I arrive at this party late, only because I kept bi-annual tabs just to make sure this corpse didn't get up and start shambling around again. But no, there won't be any reanimating this one: Shea's gone. He's just a crazy man getting angry at everything now and lashing out with some combination of hyperbole and hysteria.

The one lingering contribution he's made is how funny it is for him to be "Catholic - and loving it!" when any random sampling of him for years will hit on him being frantic, angry and miserable. Made doubly educational, since just about every person the maniac has denounced as "hateful" seems on the whole not only happier, but nicer than him.

God, as always, has a sense of humor.


Mister Jorge said...

I've mentioned this elsewhere...
But I got onto a Thomas Pink kick recently. I was captivated by his explanation of how Church-State affairs had changed. How the Church in the past used the State as the secular corrective arm for the Church and he gave an explanation of it that made sense. He explained how it also made sense that the Church ended this use while still not contradicting past teachings. Integralism.

To temper my assent to Pink's ideas I wanted to find some contradictory views on the matter. I found some interesting debates online with Pink in which he was incredibly gracious to his opponents, heard their views and didn't misrepresent them while rebutting them.

Then I came across an article on Shea's blog.

Pink is not an American, he's English.... Here's a sample of Shea's wise insights into the matter:
"Conservative Christianists enemies of the Magisterium in love with Trump and at war with Francis are fighting the Church on nearly every aspect of her social teaching. Unjust war, torture, living wage, capital punishment, tearing families limb from limb and caging children, contempt for refugees, gun violence, health care, climate change, you name it."

That's right from Shea's blog entry on Thomas Pink (English). What does any of this have to do with Pink? Not a damn thing.
Pink's article under discussion (so gracious a term as to be well overshooting the mark of anything possible at Shea's blog) was about the Church's use of coercive measures for the baptized. What does any of Shea's paroxysm have to do with Pink's views??

Then Mark ends his post on this note:
"What sane person would trust such transparent liars?"

Unbelievable. Shea didn't touch on one bit of anything Pink had to say. He throws out insults that don't even make sense with the target... and lumps Pink in with 'transparent liars"??
The audacity of ol Neck Sweat.

Pulp Aesthete said...

*sigh* i remember liking Shea a lot back in the day... He even introduced me to Michael Flynn's blog (and books), which sparked my greater interest in aristo-thomism, medieval history and the like. But then 2016 hit. Remember feeling wearied out by his constant anti trump rants and quiting (along with a few more of the patheos crew... good riddance)