Wednesday, January 29, 2020

If you're passionate about your faith, please don't make it your source of income

It's anecdotal, but the track record for people who do this strikes me as absolutely terrible.

You end up with once-devout Catholics and Christians having to defend or at least stay silent about moral monsters, for fear of losing their inevitably already low-paying jobs, or being cut off permanently from career advancement. It's probably not for nothing that Ed Feser, while brilliant, also is - as far as I know - primarily employed outside of the Church, and indeed has managed to at least manage an independent source of income via book-writing, etc. If he were employed by the Church, he'd likely have been muzzled or fired a while ago.

If you're passionate about your faith, get into another career. Also, ask yourself how much work you could do for the faith while anonymous. We live in an age where anonymous people can make videos, write books, do all kinds of things - even earn an income, at times - while still being somewhat aloof.

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