Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Let's (not) trigger the libs. Or at least, that's not really the point.

Despite being pretty firmly on the right, I don't have a let's-trigger-the-libs attitude. I don't get any joy out of really getting a rise out of those left-wing snowflakes, or whatever. 

I just don't really care what they think. If my views or acts upset them, fine. 

If my views or acts please them? Also fine. 

Are they completely ambivalent about either of these things? Well, that's fine too.

Being motivated by spite, even against terrible people, is a pretty bad way to live, and definitely a bad way to make decisions or embrace/reject beliefs. The attitude is partly rooted in a social development still taking place among conservatives, where the we're-better-than-that, don't-stoop-to-their-level, always-be-civil mindset is (rightly) reject as a mind-game and an inappropriate response to sociopolitical aggression. 

In that sense, it's a positive development: the "old, respectable" conservative approach to conflict was always a kind of psy-op and failure theatre. But when one op fails, the powers that be try to craft another one to take its place, and now the name of the game is to trick conservatives into doing things that will purportedly upset leftists.

"Dude, you know what would really trigger the libs? If WE nominated the first openly gay-transexual governor of California! EPIC PWN!"

Yeah, how about no.

At the same time, if I come to a conclusion or a belief that upsets people, well, their being strategically upset doesn't matter either. No, I don't think women should be priests. No, gay marriage isn't real, I don't care what the law says (or for that matter, any pseudo-clergy): it's all a joke and I won't act otherwise. Anger won't change this. Crying won't either. No, not even razors to wrist.

But most of all: apathy sure won't change it.

In fact, perhaps that's what I really want: I don't want leftists triggered. I will settle for leftists who are incapable of trying to force me, or anyone else, to change our views by threat, force or manipulation. 

If the monkey's paw curls in a finger and suddenly I have what I want and we can all live our lives and write our books and blog and go to church as we please (and, for most of us, as we think God commands and is right) without conflict but the cost is there will never be a triggered lib in the world again, well, I just hacked the monkey's paw because that's a great result.

The goal isn't being offensive. 

That's just, sometimes, a means to an end.

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