Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Problem With Modern Catholic Positivity

This may surprise people, but: I don't like to complain all that much. And I don't like to be negative or hostile.

I like to be positive. And I mean real positivity, not "I'm glad this other guy got hurt/humiliated/whatever" positivity. I tend to focus on debate, argument flaws, bluffing and so on -- but even there, the point was never sticking it to even the worst and most dishonest people I deal with. It is in the hope that someone looking on would realize that a given atheist or fraudulent Christian argument could be dismantled, and that people who meant well did not have to worry about something mentally plaguing them.

So, given that: why don't I focus more on positive developments? On good things? Encouraging things?

Because, simply: the most prominent kinds of modern Christian positivity are either Hallmark level mindless, dishonest fluff, or manipulative psyops. I don't get much encouragement from reading the latest writings of someone opining how Christ was an endlessly happy, cheerful God who never, ever would have said anything to upset someone or was judgmental. Or from the likes of Barron, who praises BLM riots as the cries of an oppressed people looking to heaven for justice, but the J6 protesters were dangerous insurrectionists filled with hate who we should all condemn unreservedly.

There is a lack of meaningful positivity out there, just as there is a lack of sincerity.

It's a shame, but it's the truth.


Gaius said...

I always used to cringe when some trad referred to the "Novus Ordo cult", but frankly, I'm increasingly coming to think that there *is* something cult-like about the repeated insistence that Vatican 2 marked a wonderful new springtime for the Church, in defiance of every single observable metric over the past 50 years. Even the Benedict XVI "Vatican 2 itself was good, it was just hijacked by modernists after the fact" position seems more implausible the more you think about it -- if V2 was so great, why has it proved so much easier to hijack than any other past Council? You didn't get Arians using Nicaea to justify their heresy, after all, but with V2, it seems like the more somebody sings its praises, the more likely they are to be a heretic.

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Dunno whot you believe
if you're a thiest -
only 2 realms after
you perish, bubba, and
1 of em ain't too cool
(besides Purgation which
was changed by Martin
Luther in 1573, switching
the sound doctrine of God
Who's extremely mercifull).
Im still a Roamin' Cat,
that never changes;
yet, I believe
the choirch is
fallen as sHe sed
it would in these
LastDays, brudda:
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